FW 599: An introduction to data management and R for Fisheries and Wildlife applications— a lighthearted look

   Data management and analyses may be serious issues,
                                  learning about them doesn’t have to be...

This site is intended to be a repository of materials from previous courses including example code and other materials to help provide Fisheries and Wildlife students and professionals with an understanding of basic data management and analytical skills. Our philosophy– your access to information shouldn’t end with your degree.

Jim Peterson 
176 Nash Hall email

Meeting Periods: Monday 1:00-2:20 p.m. Withycombe Hall 205

Schedule Fall 2021

Week 1:

 The R environment, directories, libraries, reading, writing, and working cross platforms

  the battle for middle Rrrr-th begins

Week 2:

Databases: types, formats, and practical considerations

 Zzzzzzz….wake-up! This stuff could make your graduate life easier… and maybe better

        You’ve got class!…when coercion is a good thing


Week 10:

R Markdown


Bonus Lesson:

Basic ecological simulation

Hey mom, I’m an ecological modeler!


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FW 544: Quantitative Decision Analysis for Fish and Wildlife Management (a.k.a. The practical application of statistics to natural resource management)

*Many thanks to Mike Colvinof Mississippi State University for providing much of this material.